arriving being leaving

Version 2

when you arrived, although you haven’t arrived yet, so it makes no sense to speak in the past tense and yet i know it will be so, i’m feeling it already. being then, what i’m feeling now and not necessarily what i’ll feel when you arrive but what i imagine, after you arrive, that i’ll understand is what i felt as you arrived. the very seeing of you. i’m here and i’m everywhere but, here being too much of a place to be all at once, you arriving, and being here where i am being all at once too much. you are on your way to arriving, to having arrived, to being arrived, here, all at once. only not on the way to leaving again, being the next thing after arriving, and being here, now, before you arrive being infinitely milder to being there, then, as you are leaving. and entirely too much, at once.


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